Halloween Cocktails


butter cocktail

Vodka, Butterscotch, Vanilla, Cream, Soda

Vampires Kiss

Vampires Kiss Martini

Tequila, Ghost Pepper Spice, Strawberry , Lime, Orange Flavoring

Big Top Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Martini

Vodka, Pink flavoring, Vanilla

Poison Apple

A cocktail glass on a table in a bar.

Red Apple Vodka, Cranberry , Lime, Simple Syrup

Purple People Eater

A martini is sitting on a table next to a lamp at the bar.

Gark berries and tropical hibiscus Gin , Lime , Simple Syrup

Trick Or Treat

A cocktail with a yellow liquid in front of a pumpkin at the bar.

Vodka, Cream, Vanilla, OJ