When you start a tab at 13 Social, we will pre-authorize your card for $13 to ensure it is valid. When you close your tab, the $13 pre-authorization will be adjusted to reflect your total amount spent, including the tip. Sometimes, banks will show this as what appears to be multiple transactions.

Sometimes your bank may place multiple authorizations on your card. This is beyond our control.

If you see multiple pending transactions on your card, it means your bank has not finalized the transactions yet, and there is nothing we can do at that point. If you still see multiple transactions from us after they are no longer pending, please contact us using the form online.

In most situations, no. If you fail to close your tab after the last call, you may be charged a 25% gratuity, which counts as a tip for the person who served you.

If your tab exceeds $72, we may also automatically add a gratuity to your bill.